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On the quiet island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, several romantic beachfront hotels and resorts await couples for the destination wedding of a lifetime. Booking a great hotel and taking advantage of the wedding coordinator’s knowledge can help you sort through the legalities and many beautiful locations of the island – use their experience to your advantage! Many of the hotels also offer wedding packages to help eliminate some of the planning stress from your special day, and honeymoon packages for your relaxation and comfort after the formalities wrap up!

Although Tortola is a developed island, it still manages to maintain a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that reflects in its hotels. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most intimate, romantic spots for couples preparing to wed, all with excellent wedding packages and great island locations!

Guana Island

For the ultimate romantic experience, visitors may find it hard to compete with Guana Island. Located off the northern shore of Tortola, this all-inclusive resort owns the entire island, providing 850 acres of untouched, completely natural beauty for guests to enjoy. Exclusive and private (with room for only around 30 people at a time), couples find no fancy technology, TVs, or phones at this stunning location – just 7 private white sand beaches and a host of outdoor activities that allow you to focus all your attention on each other. Delicious food, comfortable rooms, and a dedicated staff all come together to create the perfect environment for a memorable Tortola destination wedding.

Couples planning the perfect event can choose from a variety of private settings, including gardens, one of the many beaches, or on a lovely terrace overlooking the sea. As if that weren’t enough, you even have the option of renting out the entire resort for up to 32 guests. Imagine celebrating on your own private island with only the people you love most in the world – no crowds of unknown tourists, no public access for people outside of your party. What better scenario exists for starting a new life together? Come enjoy the simplistic yet elegant atmosphere of Guana Island, and create your own unforgettable experiences of the British Virgin Islands!

Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas

For a wedding that balances elegance with a Caribbean-casual style, consider booking a stay at the Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas. Managing to remain comfortable yet refined, the classic styling of this hotel welcomes both couples and their wedding parties. 52 acres of beautiful grounds, along with access to lovely Long Bay Beach ensure that everyone remains comfortable and entertained during their stay – the resort also contains a pool, spa, fitness center, two restaurants, and three bars. Imagine stepping onto your private balcony the morning of your wedding to take in the rolling waves, the warm Caribbean breezes, and the vision of soft white sand stretching out right from your doorstep!

Many couples at the Long Bay Beach Resort choose to marry right on the beach, but the grounds offer several other great locations. The resort provides an elite wedding package that includes a wedding coordinator, costs of the registrar and ceremony, a decorated location of your choice, flowers for the bride and groom, a 1-tier cake, and champagne, starting at $1,199. For a great, comfortable atmosphere in a stunning setting, Long Bay Beach Resort contains everything you need for the perfect Tortola destination wedding!

To book a room visit: Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas


P.O. Box 433, Road Town
Road Town, Isole Vergini Britanniche
Phone: (284) 495-4252

Sugar Mill Hotel

Indulge in a stay at Tortola’s Sugar Mill Hotel surrounded by romance, luxury, and a charming staff prepared to make your wedding vision come to life! A small and exclusive hotel set amidst the ruins of a historical sugar mill, the atmosphere here communicates simple elegance that lends itself perfectly to your ceremony. For the convenience of couples, the hotel provides any service you might need or want, including flowers, cakes, and photography, and the coordinators help arrange everything just to your liking. On the day of your wedding, pick one of several intimate locations around the hotel or head to the beach to exchange your vows. After the formalities wrap up, enjoy your honeymoon and take advantage of the island-renowned fine dining, stroll through the lovely gardens and terraces, and of course spend days basking on the intimate beach, accessible right from the property. Treat yourself to one of the best romantic hotels in Tortola, surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of vivid green hills, soft sand beaches, and lush landscaping – a great start to a brand new life!

To book a room visit: Sugar Mill Hotel


The Sugar Mill Hotel
P.O. Box 425
TortolaBritish Virgin Islands

Phone: 284-495-4355

Peter Island Resort

Couples immediately feel welcome at Tortola’s Peter Island Resort, a pretty hotel that embraces visitors with relaxation and comfort! A beachfront property with a cheery staff, the hotel entices couples with beautiful rooms and villas, a pool, exquisite dining, spa, and plenty of other easily arranged activities for your enjoyment. And of course, the hotel also holds plenty of locations ideal for the perfect wedding ceremony.

Some couples choose a classic ceremony right on Deadman’s Bay Beach, while others prefer the manicured grounds of the hotel itself. A natural stone bluff with views of the sea provides another stunning location, or perhaps the yacht harbor right near the water. The choice is yours at Peter Island Resort, and the staff works along with you to help realize your perfect wedding day. The hotel offers a wedding package priced at $2,500, which includes the fee for your site location, a wedding coordinator, license and stamp fees, registrar fees, roundtrip transportation to take care of your license application, flowers for the bride and groom, a small wedding cake, a bottle of champagne, and two souvenir champagne flutes. Peter Island offers upgrades and other services as necessary, and just about anything you might need is available right through the resort! When the ceremony ends and the honeymoon begins, stay right on the property and take advantage of the romantic honeymoon and spa packages. The charming surroundings, luxurious amenities, and of course the wonderful, friendly Caribbean atmosphere may even inspire your return to Peter Island Resort for years to come.

To book a room visit: Peter Island Resort


Peter Island Resort - B.V.I.
P.O. Box 211
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Phone: (284) 495-2000
Fax: (284) 495-2500


The beaches of Tortola make a stunning backdrop to any destination wedding with their classic Caribbean appearance: soft white and golden sand beaches, incredibly clear waters, and fringes of shady palm trees to offer relief from the tropical sun. What makes them different is their tendency to remain quiet and isolated, ideal for wedding ceremonies and private moments away from huge crowds! While some share their shores with hotels and villas, many others lie a bit further off the beaten track – you simply have to decide whether you prefer nearby hotel facilities, or want to travel to secure a little extra privacy. A few beaches, such as popular Cane Garden Bay, draw traffic from docked cruise ships, which you may have to work around when planning your Tortola beach wedding.
All beaches on the island remain to the public, and the majority of the popular ones lie on the northern side of the island. Some beaches, such as Josiah’s Bay, offer dramatically crashing waves, while others such as Brewers Bay stay consistently calm and inviting for swimmers. Many contain a nearby restaurant or at least a snack bar, but some are left entirely to their own natural beauty. Keep amenities and convenience of location in mind – if you bring a large wedding party with you, off-roading to get to a secluded area many not make the most practical decision. If your wedding stays small (just you and your beloved), you need fewer supplies and support and open yourself up to travel just about anywhere. Consider your preferences, and then prepare yourself for a Tortola destination wedding unparalleled in beauty and scenery – after all, as couples prove again and again, nothing beats a stunning Caribbean beach for exchanging vows.

Cane Garden Bay Beach

One of Tortola’s most popular beaches, Cane Garden Bay offers perfectly idyllic scenery for your destination beach wedding. Bright blue Caribbean waters and soft white shores, as well as convenient nearby facilities, make this beach a picture-perfect location that you and your guests will all love. If possible, this western-facing shore becomes even lovelier when the sun sets, ideal for wedding photographs and an extra-special romantic touch. While the water stays calm and excellent for swimming the majority of the time, the eastern side of the bay occasionally sees larger waves and ideal surfing conditions. Except to see lots of waters sports as well, with rentals available right on the beach!

The easily accessible location contains souvenir stands, restaurants, bars, and even a grocery store nearby, perfect for a laidback reception following your ceremony. Despite its popularity and reputation as one of Tortola’s busier beaches, Cane Garden Bay Beach actually remains quite tranquil, minus the occasional cruise ship traffic.

Long Bay Beach (West)

Picture yourself exchanging vows on a gently curving white sand beach as the turquoise waves of the Caribbean shimmer in front of you, inviting in the warmth of the Tortola sun. Behind you, palm trees and seagrape create a shady fringe, perfect for relaxing on this mile-long strip of beach. Welcome to Long Bay, a beautiful shore located on the West End of Tortola (not to be confused with the Long Bay on Beef Island, which rests to the east.) For an ultra-convenient Tortola beach wedding, book rooms at the nearby hotel and take full advantage of their services and facilities for the perfect ceremony! If you choose to locate elsewhere, know that the beach holds two distinctive sections. The eastern end immediately in front of the hotel becomes quite rocky if you venture into the water, while the western end stays sandier and offers more shade. While the rocks should hardly deter a wedding ceremony, this may be useful to keep in mind when returning to the beach for your honeymoon!

Brewers Bay

For a tranquil and uninterrupted Tortola beach wedding, head to Brewer’s Bay for soft golden sand, stunning scenery, and the laidback beach atmosphere signature of the Caribbean. The clear blue water consistently remains calm and shallow, and offers some of the best snorkeling on the island. Despite being a bit tougher to access than some of the other beaches (on the way in, look for the distillery ruins that give this location its name!), Brewers Bay has the redeeming characteristic of sometimes staying isolated, perfect for a private ceremony. For a real back-to-nature experience, consider exchanging vows beachside and then booking an overnight stay at the Brewers Bay Campground, right amidst the gorgeous flora and fauna of Tortola! Aside from the campground, which contains its own bar, the only other facilities include some nearby villas and a small restaurant, perfect for a quick bite.

Josiah’s Bay

Those who prefer a dramatic background of crashing waves for their ceremony may want to consider Josiah’s Bay on the northeastern end of Tortola, known surfer’s paradise and home to some truly glorious scenery. Located in a secluded farming area of the island (you may even encounter a cow or two on the beach), Josiah’s Bay stays fairly secluded and quiet, making it the ideal location for a private ceremony. Swimming in this spot does not come highly recommended, but few locations prove lovelier for strolling the beach hand-in-hand, exchanging vows in front of the waves, or returning for a honeymoon picnic. A couple of hotels and restaurants dot the nearby area, but the majority of what you notice is the vibrant green hills, sparkling blue water, and the long stretch of white sand beach. A piece of the ideal romantic Caribbean, this location invites couples to start their lives together surrounded by Tortola’s natural beauty!

Smuggler’s Cove

Located on the western tip of Tortola, Smuggler’s Cove is yet another quiet, isolated Caribbean gem with breathtaking scenery and a great atmosphere. If you don’t mind a bit of work to get there (only two roads offer access, one very steep and one full of potholes), the beauty at the other end makes the trip well worth your time. No hotels, resorts, or even bathrooms fill the shoreline – just palm trees and seagrape, and one tiny bar and snack stand. You may see some people on this beach during the day, but for the most part, the crowds stay in more accessible areas of the island. On another note, you must supply just about anything you need for a wedding ceremony yourself. This beach works best for small intimate groups, perhaps just the two of you to avoid transportation issues. But when you see the white sand stretching out in front of you, lapped by the crystal-clear Caribbean waters and the surrounding shade of the palm trees, it’s difficult to feel put out by the location. It is, after all, the very thing that makes this spot uniquely special.

Lambert Beach (Elizabeth Beach)

Located on the northern side of the island, Lambert Beach provides a great setting for a wedding ceremony with its calm, shallow waters and very wide strip of curved white sand. Dramatically situated at the base of several mountainous green hills, this pristine shore is easily accessible, either from the nearby Lambert Resort or from the road (perfect for a larger wedding party, particularly if you check into the hotel and take advantage of their facilities!) Rocks on either end create great opportunities for exploration and wedding photographs, while clusters of palm trees and seagrape offer some much-needed shade. You may see some traffic from the hotel, and the beautifully calm waters draw several visitors for their excellent snorkeling and wading – consider holding your ceremony in the morning if you prefer complete privacy. Enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves on the shores and the warm Caribbean breeze as you exchange vows, and remember to come back and enjoy this picture-perfect spot during your honeymoon!


Rent a villa for your Tortola destination wedding, and enjoy extra privacy and luxury on some of the most beautiful locations on the island! Some of the loveliest ceremonies take place right near the pools or on the decks of villas, without any extra people or distractions around to interrupt your special day. Villas come in a variety of sizes and styles, from the simple to luxury, castle-like residences that can hold your entire wedding party! Some couples even choose to staff them with chefs, maids, and other services for an utterly relaxing island experience.

Many villas rest along the northern shore of Tortola, where the beaches tend to stay wider and calmer, but some sit tucked into the dramatic hills or the more rugged southern coast of the island, complete with dramatic views of the scenery. Choose the perfect location for your Tortola destination wedding, and then enjoy your special day in an intimate setting, with all the privacy sometimes difficult to find at Tortola’s public beaches and hotels!


Apostolic Faith Mission
Wickhams Cay 1
Box 3356
Road Town, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-4688

East End:
Major Bay East End, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-2475

Gospel of Jesus Evangelistic Pentecostal Church
Sea Cows Bay
Telephone: (284) 494-0065

Jehovah's Witnesses
Huntums Ghut
Phone: (284) 494-6871

Church of God of Prophecy

Road Town
Telephone: (284) 494-3632

Hope Hill
Telephone: (284) 494-5002

Huntums Ghut
Telephone: (284) 494-3446

Long Look
Telephone: (284) 495-2543

Main Street
Telephone: (284) 494-3412

Lower Estate
Telephone: (284) 494-8389

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Sea Cows Bay, Tortola
Telephone: (284) 494-4732

Bethany Baptist Church
Long Look, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-2419

Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church
Cane Garden Bay
Box 364 Road Town, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-9418

Faith Baptist Church
Main St, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-3412

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
Belmont Estate
West End, Tortola
Telephone: (284) 495-4145

New Life Baptist Church
Duff's Bottom
Box 42, Road Town, Tortola

Mary Star Of The Sea (Catholic)
East End, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-2862

St. Williams Roman Catholic Church
Main Street, Road Town, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-2690

Agape Total Life Centre
Anderson's Estate, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-5340

New Testament Church of God
Baughers Bay
Box 3468, Road Town
Phone: (284) 494-5771

Jubilee Faith Center New Testament Church of God
Box 3833
West End
Sea Cows Bay, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-4574

Road Town Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Road Town
Telephone: (284) 494-8414

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Pasea Estate East End
Telephone: (284) 495-3316

Seventh Day Adventist Church Purcell
Purcell Estate
Telephone: (284) 494-1274

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Road Town
Telephone: (284) 494-7967

Belle Vue Methodist Church
Belle Vue, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-1614

Cane Garden Bay Methodist Church
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-4245

Carrot Bay Methodist Church
Carrot Bay, Tortola

East End Methodist Church
Chapel Hill
East End, Tortola

Purcell Methodist Church
Purcell Estate, Tortola
Telephone: (284) 494-5251

Road Town Methodist Church
Road Town, Tortola
Phone: (284) 494-4349

Sea Cows Bay Methodist Church
Sea Cows Bay,Tortola

Zion Hill Methodist Church
West End, Zion Hill, Tortola
Phone: (284) 495-4878

Other Venues

J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens

Not so sure you want a beach wedding? The Botanic Gardens provide a different type of outdoor environment, one much more accessible than some of the secluded beaches along the coast. Enter 4 acres of gorgeous flora by means of a dramatic, palm tree-lined avenue, and then proceed to explore the grounds, which include a beautiful fountain and lawn perfect for wedding ceremonies. The gardens, owned and maintained by the British Virgin Islands National Parks Trust, contain 62 different species of plants from Tortola as well as locations around the world, all of which create a vibrant, lush background for exchanging vows. Several animal species native to the island make their homes alongside the trees and flowers, so keep an eye out for exotic birds, turtles at the turtle pond, and other small animals!

You might find some other tourists in the area enjoying the tropical ambiance or even some locals unwinding after work, but the park contains enough space for everyone to enjoy the gardens without bumping elbows. Whether you invite a larger party or choose to elope with your spouse, the Botanic Gardens provide a lovely and restful setting for a Tortola destination wedding.

Website: J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens


Station Avenue,
Road Town, Tortola
Telephone: (809) 494-4557

Queen Elizabeth II National Park

This lovely little park, located in Road Town on the southern side of the island, creates a beautiful and relaxing location for a small Tortola destination wedding. Pleasant, shaded with trees, and attractive to both locals and tourists looking for a moment’s relaxation, the park contains two basic areas: the playground, with swings, a slide, and other toys for children to use, and the park, an open area meant for strolling or sitting. A nearby gazebo and picnic table offers the perfect spot for a small wedding ceremony, but come prepared to share the park with some other people, particularly on hot days! The lovely flowers, laidback atmosphere, and the sound of children playing all add to the friendly ambiance of the experience!

The National Parks Trust website suggests that you contact them early if you wish to book the park for an event, as it tends to book up quickly. You must pay a $20 fee and a $50.00 refundable deposit for use of the area.

Website: Queen Elizabeth II National Park

BVI National Parks Trust
Telephone: (284) 494-3904
Fax: (284) 494-6383

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