Tortola British Virgin Islands Online Travel Guide

Brandywine Bay
There's nothing here other than good swimming and pretty decent snorkelling too! There's likely good shell collecting as well, as the sand has been dredged. If you bring a small shovel and sieve, chances are you may find a few treasures here!

Josiah's Bay
Of all the beaches in the British Virgin Islands, Josiah's Bay Beach is a surfing paradise! As soon as a north swell begins to roll, surfers suit up and head out to the break line! Swimming is hit and miss for those who are not strong swimmers.

Brewer's Bay
Added to the obvious attraction, the snorkeling is absolutely spectacular! Just follow the shoreline near Nicole's Bar and you will find a marvelous underwater world which still remains mostly undisturbed.

Cane Garden Bay
For folks who, like Jimmy Buffet, truly appreciate sailing, great beaches, swimming, good restaurants, Caribbean entertainment, scuba diving, shopping and the ever popular beach bars, Cane Garden is your one stop shop!

Long Bay Beach
Offers several advantages for visitors to the British Virgin Islands. It is easily accessible by road and there's a lovely resort with restaurant and pool nearby with plenty of chairs provided free of charge for all comers!

Smuggler's Cove
The dirt road access is less than inviting and its not unlike embarking upon an African Safari to get here!Of all the beaches in the British Virgin Islands, this one is definitely worth the trouble!

Elizabeth Beach
Elizabeth Beach is without doubt, the widest on Tortola, providing sun worshipers plenty of room to stretch out, get a great tan and enjoy the beautiful views of the British Virgin Islands.

John Smith's Bay
Lifeguard on duty. Soft drinks, snacks, fast food, etc. are often available from a licensed purveyor in a van on the premises. A quiet very pink beach and a good place to see parrot fish.

Devonshire Bay
This public beach can be found right off of South Road. This is an ideal spot for families with small children; bask in the rays and enjoy the calm waters.

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