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A popular destination for cruise ships, Tortola offers vacationers a paradise of serene beaches, welcoming residents, cozy hotels, and breath-taking natural beauty. Home of Road Town, capital of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola provides a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life as well as exciting places to shop, dine, and have fun.

Road Town acts as the heart of the island's activity. Finances, commercial transactions, harbor business, and cruise ship disembarking all happen in this busy place. Restaurants with eclectic cuisines and shops on the waterfront abound. The Old Government House museum displays artifacts from Tortola's past and seafaring culture. Flamboyance, a shopping center in town, sells upscale cosmetics and perfumes. Take a walk through the J. R. O'Neal Botanical Gardens and visit the amazing collection of indigenous plants, such as cacti, ferns, and orchids. Dance the night away in the many nightclubs and hear some great Caribbean music.

For a beautiful sight to remember, traverse a trail in the Sage Mountain National Park. Sage Mountain reigns as the highest mountain peak in the entire British Virgin Islands, and a trip to the top takes you to the most extraordinary view of the island, and through a small, mist-clouded rainforest. Another place with a great view, Skyworld observation tower, gives you a panoramic 360 degree observation of numerous islands and cays. At the top, you can even catch a glimpse of St. Croix and Anegada in the distance.

The beaches, often offering solitude and complete relaxation, make beautiful diving spots. Some great scuba and snorkeling spots exist around the island, such as Alice in Wonderland, just south of Ginger Island, Brewers Bay Pinnacle, and Blonde Rock. Sailors often lodge in their own chartered boats during the night and dive into the crystal-clear waters during the day.

Experience the Dolphin Discovery at the Prospect Reef Resort, where trained dolphins tow visitors around a spacious seaside pen on an exhilarating ride. For an inexpensive price, swim with them and touch them to bond with the happy creatures.

The hotels in Tortola treat visitors as more than just customers. The largest with only about 50 rooms, these places maintain an incredibly friendly and homey environment and vacationers often mingle with each other. Some accommodations do not have air conditioning, but the nighttime breezes are almost always cool and hardly humid so the ceiling fans prove sufficient.

Tortola offers a true Caribbean vacation with warm beaches, great shopping, friendly locale, and unique adventures all over the island.

For a stunning trip to preserve in your photo album, travel to Tortola and enjoy the sun!

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